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Some thoughts about passwords

  • The random password generated by our secure password generator is not and should not be stored by us. Therefore, we generate it locally on your phone or computer.
  • Not all passwords are created equal. For instance, short passwords that contain information personal to you should not be the basis for your password. In other words, birthdays, names, and other public information easily found on the internet. In conclusion, you should use a mix of special characters, numbers, and letters to help keep passwords secure.
  • So much of our lives is linked to accounts on the internet. Above all, we should keep these account secure. For instance, you should change passwords at a minimum of every 90 days. You can find information on changing passwords for popular online services here.

Ensure your connection is encrypted

Securely generating your password is important. If your connection to is not encrypted then others could see your information. Therefore, you should make sure that the address in your browser bar starts with “https://”. In addition, by default we do encrypt our data while in transit.

Ensure that your connection to GYP is encrypted by looking for “https” at the beginning and that you see a lock symbol.

Tips for strong Passwords

There is actually a great deal of thought that goes into a great password. Therefore, it is always a good idea to do some research into what the latest trends are. In order to make this simple for you, we have collected some amazing tips for strong Passwords below.

Password length

Your password length is very important to your overall password strength. Simply put, the longer your password is the harder it is to guess.

Password complexity

The complexity of your password is just as important than the length is. You should try to avoid using any dictionary words or personal information in your password. The best way to ensure a good mix of length and complexity is to use a Secure Password Generator.


So you have made a long, complex password, great! Next you should do this for each account you have. In the same way your house key and car key are not the same, you should not re-use the same password for multiple accounts.

Avoid being sequential

So now you have a long, complex password for each account, great! Next, you should consider if your password has any sequential numbers or letters like 123 or abc. To be sure you have strong passwords, you should avoid having sequential letters or numbers.

2-Factor authentication

The final tip in this section for strong passwords doesn’t even have to do with your password. 2-Factor authentication, also know as “2FA” introduces a code that you enter with your password. The code is usually delivered to you by email or text message to your mobile device. Always check and enable 2FA if its available.